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CodePad.NET 1.0.1

Another new release, this release fixes a bug in 1.0 that broke the open file dialog. Download the new version here,

CodePad.NET 1.0

It's here, version 1.0 of CodePad.NET. You can get both the binary and source pack here,

CodePad.NET 1.0 Beta 2

CodePad.NET 1.0 Beta 2 has now been released, there is both a source pack and a binary pack of the release, you can find it here,

What is CodePad.NET?

CodePad.NET is a very small IDE that is built for quickly testing small isolated code segments whaile you are working on a big project.
It currently supports C# and .NET version 2.0 and 3.5.

How do I use CodePad.NET?

Download and run the program (duh... :))
From the Tools->Options menu you can change different text editor and compiler settings

When you have setup the program to your liking the you can add references the will be added to the compiler when you code is compiled.
From the Tools->References you can add and remove references. A reference is a .NET dll file, just as a reference in Visual Studio.

When you have finished this you can start coding. When you are finished with your code you press the Play button in the toolbar to compile the code and run it.
At the bottom of the IDE you have 4 tabs, "Error List", "Output", "Console" and "Error".
  • Error List -> Here all compiler errors will be displayed.
  • Output -> Displays the compiler output.
  • Console -> Standard output and Standard input will be redirected to this tab when a program is running.
  • Error -> Standard error is redirected to this tab.

CodePad 1.0 Beta

A beta release of CodePad is available here,
EDIT: There is a "bug" in the beta release, the template .cs file includes "using System.Linq" but there is by default not reference to this dll, add a reference to the correct dll (Settings->References... -> System.Core or remove the line to run a program.

Project Description
CodePad makes it easier for C# developers to quickly test small code segments without having to create a full Visual Studio project.
It's developed in C#.

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